Recovery Of Old A\R

At Alpha Revenue Group, we understand the challenges that come with managing aging accounts receivable (A/R) in the complex landscape of medical billing. Our specialized “Recovery of Old A/R” service is designed to breathe new life into your practice’s financials.


Our Approach:

We take a meticulous and strategic approach to the recovery of old A/R, ensuring that no potential revenue is left unexplored. Our seasoned team of professionals conducts a thorough analysis of your aged accounts, identifying opportunities for recovery and devising targeted strategies for maximum reimbursement.

Recovery Of Old A\R

Services We Offer:

  • Claims Analysis:

    Our experts perform a detailed analysis of each aging claim, identifying discrepancies, coding errors, and any overlooked reimbursement opportunities.

  • Strategic Follow-ups:

    Timely and persistent follow-ups are key to A/R recovery. We implement strategic communication plans to engage with payers, resolving issues and expediting the reimbursement process.

  • Denial Management:

    We specialize in navigating claim denials, addressing the root causes and resubmitting claims with accurate information to maximize your chances of reimbursement.

  • Financial Reporting:

    Transparent reporting is integral to our service. We provide detailed financial reports that offer insights into the recovered revenue, outstanding claims, and the overall health of your A/R.

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